Branding – Online Marketing

Any business is only as successful as the public perception. Businesses that craft a solid name, specific market niche, and the ability to reach targeted clients reap success in sales and service. Branding a business focuses only on the public image and marketing of the product. Every business must be successful in branding itself to reap success in the actual delivery of its product.

Visibility is a key element in branding, but branding extends far beyond making the business visible. The integrity of the company should also be a key component in the branding process. Clients will turn to businesses that produce not only a solid product but also a trustworthy name.

Branding involves several elements. First, a successful branding process will settle on a gripping name and logo that communicates the products and services offered. The name and logo should be simple and distinct. A fancy logo that no one understands simply wastes money. Coming up with a catchy slogan may take hours, but the value of successfully grabbing potential clients’ attention is priceless.

Settling the publicity side of a company brand represents the beginning. A reliable product and solid service commitment must be behind the name, logo, and slogan. The further expansion should include strategic branding across the internet. Domain names for sale exist in great quantities. Using the company’s unique name, any company can access domain names for sale to use in their branding campaign. Failing to use the internet in today’s business climate brands a company as out of date. Finding a site that provides domain names for sale will empower a company to communicate its brand to an audience of potential clients extending around the world.

Once a domain name is purchased, that name will remain in the company’s possession for good. Owning a domain name communicates that the business cares about being accessible and providing immediate service to clients.

All About Network Marketing

If you are looking at information about starting a business at home you have probably come across some network marketing opportunities, and you may be asking “what is network marketing”.

There is quite a bit of misinformation out there about what it actually is. Tell some people you are looking at working with a network marketing company and they immediately think that you are involved in a pyramid scheme or that it is just a scam.

So let’s be clear. Genuine network marketing companies are not running pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are illegal and any company operating out in the open is highly unlikely to be operating one.

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The level of scrutiny registered companies are under and the strict reporting requirements in most jurisdictions would make it nearly impossible for a company to operate illegally without being found out.

If you are worried to check out the company with the regulatory agency in your country. In Australia, you can find information on companies with ASIC or the Australian Business Register.

Same for a scam. Check to see if the opportunity involves a registered company and read up on their history, like when was the company created, is there a real product or range of products, and check out their promotional materials.

If it looks like you are getting one hell of a deal if their materials are riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes, you can’t find them listed in the white or yellow pages, and they are really coy about what they are selling, give it a miss as it is unlikely to be a real network marketing opportunity.

So, What is Network Marketing if it is not a Pyramid Scheme or a Scam?
It is a business model used by many large and reputable companies to market their products via a network of distributors.

Rather than selling through stores themselves or supplying supermarkets or department stores, these companies develop a network of distributors who operate as independent business operators.

Usually, the distributors are product users themselves – who better to spread the word about a great product – and they market the products using materials provided to them by the company to other individuals.

Network Marketing is also sometimes called relationship marketing because it involves building relationships with people – some you will know and some you will get to know – and sharing the products or the business opportunity with them.

Most new distributors start with their friends and family and can sometimes be seen as pushy, but it does not have to be that way. Particularly not these days with social media making it so easy to connect with new and interesting people.

Network Marketing comes in a number of different forms. Some are a single tier where you get paid a commission on any sales you make to people in your network.

In a two-tier networking format, you get paid a commission for any direct sales you make and you also get a cut of the sales made by anyone who signs up as a distributor directly under you.

In Multi-level Network Marketing, you receive commissions on two or more levels, so that is your sales, the sales of distributors directly under you and the sales of distributors under them.

Build an Online Business Email List

Having a business email list is something most online business owners emphasize. Internet marketers are well aware that they need to build terrific lists to make money. A list of loyal subscribers can be a big asset to your internet business because they are the potential customers that you can promote your products and services to.

There are many ways to grow a business email list, and below are some superior strategies for list building:


Everyone loves a source of good information. You have plenty to tell people, and you can make a very smart move if you offer your customers a different section of a multiple-chapter course in their inbox every week. You can give your customers some truly awesome information in your niche, and then watch the sign-ups begin. This is one of the most effective list building strategies you can use.


The key to the success of your business is always content. Write articles that are packed with useful information, and then submit them to a number of article directories. Make sure you provide a link to a sign-up page on your website in the article’s resource box. People will scramble to sign up for additional information when your articles are first-class.

Free eBooks

Everyone loves free things, especially free new information. Writing an eBook that is packed with relevant information is an awesome way to convince someone to give you their email address, thus building your business email list. Make sure your eBook includes links to your websites and the products or services you offer. If you want to make more money, go the extra step and include some affiliate links for readers to click on.

It’s easy to hire a freelance writer for your eBook if you aren’t a writer yourself. Remember, however, that you often get what you pay for. Writing is no exception, so if you want a well-written eBook, you will need to pay for it.

Create a site where membership is free

A free membership website can be a fantastic way to obtain valuable email addresses. Include great content on your site, but make people register to receive it. Try this technique and you’ll see how effective it can be in building your list. This method is an almost unequaled list building strategy.

Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows can be a great way to attract people and get them to want to sign up for your newsletters. This is especially true if you can make your pop-up windows different from others. You can have the windows pop up when a person enters your site or when they leave, so they don’t forget to sign up. You can put this tremendous list building technique to work for you right away to help to build your business email list.

Your landing page

A landing page is a place where visitors arrive when they click on a link to your website. It could be any link on your site, pay per click advertising, a keyword search or a banner ad. Your landing page is critically important because it is intended to make the people who visit your website want to take some type of action. Your goal is to make it extremely difficult for visitors to leave without first taking the action you desire. That action might be signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, downloading an eBook, or signing up for a free course.

Marketing through social media

You can strike it rich with this list building strategy because social media websites get more visitors than Google. When you utilize the proper social media techniques, you can forget worrying about Google because you will put yourself in front of all the glorious traffic the social media sites receive.

You can use many different strategies to get your business email list full of email addresses. When you implement these list building strategies you will have more email addresses than you know what to do with, and it will happen before you know it.